Gear Review: Liberty 24 & 32 oz Bottles


I discovered Liberty Bottleworks several years back when I was perusing the internet looking at blogs, review sites and top 10 lists dedicated to products Made in the USA. They are the only metal water bottle manufacturer that is produced fully in the USA, and better yet, they make them right here in my home state of Washington. The take pride in making the bottles here because they get to provide living-wage jobs, use quality US suppliers, and make everything in an ethical, responsible way at a safe factory.


The bottles themselves are simple and light, unlike a lot of the insulated ones on the market. This makes for a lighter pack when hiking/backpacking, which I really love after miles on the trail.  The outside of bottles are covered in a variety of different designs created by artists from all over the US. They come in several sizes, but the ones I use are 24 & 32 oz. My favorite part about the bottles are the cap though! This is what really sets them apart visually and functionally. No more twisting that cap endlessly trying to get at that water in my bottle, all I need to do to open/close the bottle is give it one quick twist and that locks/unlocks the bottle cap. It is a bit strange at first to get used to, but once I got the hang of it I can never go back!