Podcasts: Sam Harris #104 - The Lessons of Death (with Frank Ostaseski)

I realized recently that I haven't written at all about my love for podcasts, which is strange because they are a huge part of my life. Some days I wonder if I'm actually a little too obsessed with them, because I can easily clock 9 or 10 hours of listening a day sometimes. My point here isn't to question if I'm addicted to podcast though, my point is to share an interesting one I listened to recently.

The podcast I'm talking about today is the 104th episode of the Sam Harris show Waking up, featuring Frank Ostaseski, a "buddhist teacher, international lecturer and a leading voice in contemplative end-of-life care." The podcast may sound morbid and depressing but for me it was in fact the opposite. It left me feeling inspired and more appreciative of the people, places and things around me. While they do focus on death and dying, they manage to cover the subject in masterly detail showing how fully embracing and contemplating death regularly can connect us deeply to the present moment.