Travel Tips: Checking A Bag VS Carry-On


Wherever, whenever and however we travel, we always bring a bag. One of the main things people worry about when planning a vacation is what to put in their bag, and although I could write 10 different posts about that, it's not what I'm worried about today. What I'm focused on isn't the items inside the bag, but the bag itself!

I'm sure your ADD is already kicking in and you're saying, okay, get to the point! If I had to make a rule for checking a bag VS carry-on, I would vote carry-on 9/10 times. Why carry-on? Well, here's a few reasons:


1) For starters, less is more. The less you space you have to pack, the less stuff you will bring. That means a lighter bag, less stuff to worry about and less laundry! Minimalism is king when traveling.

2) The second reason why I almost never check a bag is baggage claim. It's never fun after a long flight or in between connecting flights, to have to go stand around in a mob of tired and grumpy travelers waiting to snatch your bag off the stainless steel and rubber carousal. And worst of all, after standing around waiting for your bag you might just discover that it's not there at all, and have go to deal with nightmare of lost baggage!

3) The third reason why I prefer carry-on is once I get to my destination, whether in Vietnam or in Alaska, it's always easier to get around with just one small bag, than a huge suitcase (or several, if you're a pack rat). Packing light means your bag will fit easily on your lap on a bus, strapped to a scooter, or even on your back if you need to walk to your destination.

4) Lastly, nothing says "Hey, I'm a tourist" like a big, huge suitcase. Having a small carry-on sized backpack or duffel blends in much better to any destination you visit, and it also helps keep away the people trying to sell you stuff or steal your stuff.


Now, I want you to remember, I'm no travel expert. This is just based off my experience. That's why I'm the professional amateur, not just the professional. Hope that helps you in your decision on whether to check a bag or carry-on. Now if you need help on what kind of carry-on to bring, you can keep an eye out for my future post on carry-on bags I use myself. Thanks for reading!