Watch: Devoted


If you don't know by now, skateboarding is a big part of my life. It's also mostly responsible for inspiring me to shoot photos in the first place. I've been staring at photos in skate magazines since I was 12 years old, studying the tricks, the angles and the skaters. At one point in my teenage years, every single available inch of wall in my bedroom was completely covered in skate photos that I had clipped out of Transworld, Skateboarder, Big Brother, Slap and Thrasher. This documentary "Devoted" is all about those magazines that played such a huge role in my life. 

In the film we hear from all of the major players in the skateboard media about the past, present and future of skate magazines and print media in general. There's a lot of interesting information that I never knew, as well as a lot of opinions and ideas that I've never really considered. The piece was made by Lucas Beaufort, who to be honest I've never heard of. He did an amazing job on the video though, and it is super well produced. Whether you're into skateboarding a little or a lot, this is a rad look into the skate world and a very interesting documentary. 

I credit skateboarding to giving me the vision to see the small things that other people miss in any given environment. The aesthetic, style and culture of skateboarding has shaped more than anything else in my life. Without all of the people in this video, I never would have been able to see or be apart of any of it, so thank you for all you've done!