Podcasts: The Nine Club With Chris Roberts

If you’re a frequent visitor of the site you probably know that skateboarding is a huge part of my life. I’ve skateboarded since I was 12 year old and I’m 31 currently. That’s just about 20 years of pushing around on a kids toy, but who’s counting! At this point, I’ve skateboarded for longer than I’ve done just about anything in my life, and that’s pretty damn cool if you ask me. Now that you have a little background on me, I can get into the Nine Club podcast.

When I first heard about the Nine Club podcast a couple years ago I immediately subscribed. The episode count was only in the teens, but the prospect of some of my favorite skaters, company owners and industry folks sitting down and having a long form conversation was something I couldn’t pass up. I’ve been stoked on the few and far between skate documentaries and interesting interviews ever since the “On Video” came out back in Summer 2000. What is awesome about the Nine Club is that it goes way beyond what I could’ve ever gotten in a quick skate video section or magazine interview though.

When I listen to the podcast I get an actual idea what the skateboarder is inspired by, how they started, what they’re into, how they paved their way into the skate industry and what they’ve had to overcome along the way. I get to hear funny skate stories, crazy tour escapades and random industry tales that bring back memories from my own childhood skating around with my friends. Getting to know these guys through the show I’m able to gain a whole new perspective on them in a way I wouldn’t have ever been able to without a medium like this. Whether you’re into skateboarding or not at all I highly suggest giving it a listen. A great place to start listening is the Nine Club Episode 55 with “The Boss” Andrew Reynolds, enjoy!