Watch: GX1000's Roll Up Video

Skateboarding can be a strange and confusing thing to watch for the uninitiated sometimes. If you don’t follow skating and happen to know what is going in any given flip-in-flip-out-ledge-trick, than even the most difficult tricks will most definitely be lost on the viewer. And sure, sometimes a few large handrail grinds can keep the attention of some fair-weather fans of skating for a bit, but even that is lost on most. I give you all of this to say, the GX1000 video is not your typical skate video. It’s 35 + minutes of butt puckering, anxiety inducing, life-risking, pure insane skateboarding that will keep the attention of even the most uninterested skateboard video viewers. Gather your friends and press play and watch a long list of un-named skateboarders do some of the wildest shit you’ll ever see!