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Gear Review: REI Half Dome 2 Plus

If you’re currently looking for a tent and you haven’t already stumbled upon the REI Half Dome Tent Models, then it is clear that you live so far under a rock that it’s almost impossible for you to have found me here. If you have already seen the Half Domes then you already know there are many different models and variations. The exact tent model I’m reviewing today is the REI Half Dome 2 Plus.

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Gear Review: Adidas Pureboost

Every year before we take our annual multi month trip away from the great pacific northwest I snag myself a new pair of super comfortable shoes to wear while we’re away. For the last few years my go to shoes have been Nike’s with an Airmax or Lunarlon sole. From what I had experienced they were the most comfortable footbeds in the game. This last winter trip (Jan - Apr 2018) to Spain though I decided to switch it up and try out some Adidas Boosts and see if the hype was real. After far too much google research, youtube reviews and ridiculous side by side comparisons, I landed on the Adidas Pureboost.

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Shoots: Minus 33 Merino Wool Catalog

I’m a huge fan of merino wool. It’s no secret anymore that it’s one of the best materials for outdoor enthusiasts like myself. Ever since I started shooting images for Minus 33 in 2016 I’ve been able to try out some of the best merino wool gear on the planet, and I’ve never taken this privilege for granted. This fall I was able to be apart of shooting some photographs for Minus 33’s upcoming 2019-2020 catalog. Laura and I went out into the woods for a few days and had blast shooting together. We came back with a ton of awesome images for Minus 33. You can order a catalog for yourself at to see everything we contributed and you can check out a few of my favorite photos from the shoot below.

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