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Gear Review: The North Face Basecamp Duffel Bag

Being that traveling is kinda my thing, bags are an absolute necessity. They have become a piece of my life that I really can’t live without. Since nearly every trip I go on is to a new place that I haven’t been to before, I usually find myself having different wants and needs from the luggage that I am going to bring with me. Over the last few years I have grown to love the process of preparing for a trip. It involves researching the place we’re going, deciding how we’re going to get around, finding the activities we might be interested in doing and then planning out the gear we’re going to want to bring accordingly. Once we get all that info then I begin investigating the bags best suited for the trip, comparing them with their competition and then finally trying them out on a trip.

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Travel Tips: Travel Free With Airline Miles & Credit Card Reward Points

Several years ago I was browsing the wonderful world wide web searching for creative ways to travel for cheap when I stumbled upon a random blog and suddenly found myself winding deep down into a vortex of travel hacking sites. Now if you’re not familiar with travel hacking, don’t trip, I will break it down for you a bit below.

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Travel Tips: Free Airline Upgrades

The theme of this blog is that I'm not an expert. There's a lot of stuff I like to do and lot of stuff I'm interested in, but in general I'm amateur at best with most things I do. With that said it's still worth noting that I am by no means am I a frequent flyer. There's plenty of business travelers who would laugh at how infrequently I fly by their standards. What is probably true though, is that I fly more than the average Joe and I have picked up my fair share of tricks of the trade.

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