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Travel Tips: How To Get Free RV & Camper Van Rentals

Sometimes I feel like a broken record on blog posts because so many of my stories start the same way. It’s always begins with me and my trusty computer, surfing the internet looking for interesting ways to travel, usually on a budget. My RV story kicks off that very same way. There I was Google Chrome’ing it up looking for a cheap way to get a rental vehicle. Laura and I wanted to get something we could sleep in so we would be able to go on a road trip for extra cheap by bypassing the need to get hotels or Airbnbs. Somewhere along the way I landed on a random website and right there buried in the middle of this travel hacking blog I discovered the world of RV Relocations.

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Travel Tips: Free Airline Upgrades

The theme of this blog is that I'm not an expert. There's a lot of stuff I like to do and lot of stuff I'm interested in, but in general I'm amateur at best with most things I do. With that said it's still worth noting that I am by no means am I a frequent flyer. There's plenty of business travelers who would laugh at how infrequently I fly by their standards. What is probably true though, is that I fly more than the average Joe and I have picked up my fair share of tricks of the trade.

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