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Grow Mobile Yoga: A Tacoma On-Site Yoga Service

The Grow Mobile Yoga idea was simple, make yoga more accessible for people by bringing classes into the places where people are already going (workplaces, schools, gyms, care facilities, etc.) This would not only measurably improve the health and overall wellness of the people she worked with, but it would be a great way to create new great paying jobs for other yoga teachers in the area.

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Destinations: Sedona, Arizona

In December 2017 we flew down to Arizona on some spare airline miles we had. Our plan was to fly into Phoenix, pick up our rental van, remove the seats, and turn the rented Chrysler Pacifica into a makeshift DIY camper van. The first step on our mission was to head to the local craft store to pickup some black construction paper and tape, with which we fastened up some DIY blackout window shades. Then we setup our backpacking air mattresses, sleeping bags, and our awesome Luminoodle light rope. Since we only brought carry on bags on the plane we couldn’t fit everything we needed to convert the van, so the last step was to stop and get some pillows, a little cooler, ice and some food. Once we finished all the prep work setting up and converting the rental van we headed north out of Phoenix. We weren’t sure where we were going to go, but after a little google searching en route we decided Sedona looked pretty cool and headed that direction.

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Living Better: How I Found Yoga

I've had a lot of jobs throughout my life. I've done roofing, washed dishes, did concrete, worked at a skatepark, general construction, landscaping... I could keep going, but I wont. You get the point. I've also skateboarded since I was 12 years old. Combine all those jobs with a lifetime of slamming into the concrete on my skateboard and my body has taken a beating.

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